Given my ongoing coverage of Goldman Sachs’ foray into fintech, I had to include the below brilliant coverage of the seemingly-soon departure of CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Journalism at its finest… First National Bank of Amazon Amazon has been making headlines again, as speculation continues around Amazon’s interest in “becoming a bank.” The furor reached a… Read More

Last week I shared with you the challenges fintech companies have had in helping consumers change their behavior. Colorful graphs and charts in a budgeting app don’t do much to help consumers be proactive in managing their finances – they just report data after the fact. However, I did find one startup that is doing… Read More

They never saw it coming. While the banking industry was worried about LendingClub and OnDeck, a much bigger threat was waiting in the wings. This was not some well-funded start-up bent on destroying the banking industry. It was an established incumbent embarking on a new path – from serving the complex needs ultra-high net worth… Read More

Happy Last Friday of 2017! While many publications are spending time right now offering predictions for the coming year, I thought it would be interesting to revisit some predictions for 2017 and see how things turned out. After all, why listen to anything that the “experts” predict if they aren’t consistently correct on items even… Read More

Quote of the week: “Banks are crying because Silicon Valley eats their breakfast every day and we don’t want to join the whimpering party. Tech companies are our main competitor.” –        Herman Gref, CEO and CAWO (Chief Anti-Whimpering Officer) of Sberbank Starling takes a step closer to being a full marketplace bank UK-based Starling Bank… Read More

Fintech is taking a break for today. Instead, read on for the Christmas edition of “How the Venture Capitalists Stole Common Sense-mas”, featuring Wreath-mart, iWreath, and the venture capitalists whose large infusions of cash disrupt profitable unit economics to drive good companies to do bad things… Act 1, It’s a Wonderful Wreath Wreath-mart, the long-standing… Read More

Did fintech fail? After years of hype about how startups were going to disrupt traditional banks, much of the conversation has turned to how startups can help incumbents. Even those involved in the fintech boom are now stepping back and unpacking why startups haven’t made good on their promise to disrupt banks. Jake Fuentes, co-founder… Read More

SoFi seemed to be controlling the pulse of the fintech narrative in the first half of this year, with aggressive expansion into new product lines and even an industrial loan charter (ILC) application. However, the momentum has shifted quickly in the last few months. While the company continues to generate significant revenue ($145MM in Q3),… Read More

Fintech lender risk isn’t too different from banks TransUnion released a new study this week analyzing tens of millions of loans over the last few years to understand the impact of fintech lenders. In 2016, fintech lenders made up 30% of the personal loan market, but are less risky than some would expect. While a… Read More

CBInsights published an in-depth, 10,000 word analysis of some of the most popular personal finance apps and how they achieved their massive growth. If you have time, I highly recommend reading the entire piece here, which covers companies like Mint, Acorns, Level Money, and Credit Karma and how they achieved significant adoption through customer acquisition… Read More